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A2F is an Italian company specialised in the manufacture of stainless steel taps (faucets). 

It is located between Lago d’Orta and Lago Maggiore in a region which, for decades, has been a flourishing area for the manufacturing of stainless steel household items, with brands renowned worldwide. More recently A2F has introduced the production of stainless steel taps to this area. 

The entire production is manufactured exclusively with AISI 304 stainless steel and is 100% ‘Made in Italy’. Furthermore A2F taps comply with the strictest international standards, including European, American and more recently, Australian. 

All A2F taps are lead-free and do not leak nickel, thus ensuring the highest non-toxic drinking water supply. A2F's production philosophy is based on innovation, perfection and the search for alternative solutions together with understanding and integrating technology